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About company
The field of activity of our company Neves77 is very diversified and extensive. We deal with several large areas, providing services for the implementation of logistics processes in various industries.
Our services
We work in several areas, including:
Logistics and supplies
Organization of logistics processes and processes for the supply of equipment and machinery for various fields of activity.
Turnkey construction
Construction, reconstruction, re-equipment and increase in capacities of objects.
Equipment for the energy sector
Supply, installation and commissioning of stations and equipment for the energy sector.
Equipment for mining activities.
Supply of equipment for the mining industry. Providing the necessary equipment for working in mines.
More details about the construction activities of our company
  • Supplies
    We supply building materials, construction equipment and construction machinery. We have many partner companies around the world who are ready to supply any materials for construction.
  • Sales of services
    We plan, coordinate, organize and carry out construction work on projects of various types, ranging from residential properties to large industrial facilities.
  • Repair
    We specialize not only in construction, but also in renovation. The scope of our work includes construction projects, as well as equipment for various industrial areas.

More specialized areas of our activity

One of the leading companies in the extraction and processing of limestone also cooperates with us. Limestone mining in quarries. Professional processing and transformation. Subsequent stages of the work process. In conclusion, work is carried out on the design side and imparting an image to the blanks.
Also among our partners there is a company that is engaged in the extraction, processing and production of high-quality building materials from limestone.
Cork substrates
Among our partners there is a company that is one of the world's largest producers of cork and one of the most dynamic Portuguese multinational corporations.
"Pink" limestone
Thanks to the materials from our partners, the finishing of your building structures will become more elegant and reach a whole new level.

Spider black

Something unique that makes it a luxury, value-added product.

Innovative concept in natural stones

Rosa Portugal

Atlantic light

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